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Modular store fixtures that feature simplicity, flexibility and seamlessly interconnect. We specialize in converting your design challenge into what you need, when you need it. Our products are designed to complement creativity and are backed by support tools to allow your design team to bring your vision to reality.

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Our History— How it Began


What began as a small design office and workshop, grew through innovation, understanding the market and great partnership to become a multi-location company specializing in creating modular store fixtures (shop fittings) and visual merchandising solutions with one of the largest product offerings in the world.


CUBIC was the brainchild of two men who met by chance in 2005.

Soon after meeting among a network of friends, Aydin Keyvanloo, an industrial designer from Melbourne Australia and Eric Liang a well established manufacturer of display mannequins from Taiwan decided to form a company focusing on bringing product innovation to the retail merchandising industry by creating modular store fixtures in a way that had not been done before. 

The founders shared a vision of offering quality, innovation and timeless design that would help professionals in the retail industry create practical and yet outstanding interiors. 

In 2006 the founders met with Andreas Gesswein whom had successfully created, cofounded and mentored several successful businesses in his home country -Germany- to plan and market the CUBIC store fixtures and brand’s new approach into the European market. The task set was simple and yet most challenging: CUBIC would be launched in February 2008 at EuroShop. The launch of CUBIC’s modular store fixtures would not be subtle! The three decided to launch CUBIC with an iconic 6.5 meter high stand built from CUBIC’s own Cube+ modular fixture system. The design by Ulf Treptow was made from over 12000 pieces of the modular fixture system to create an intricate and outstanding visual effect. 



EuroShop 2008 was a huge success for CUBIC and the stand was very well received by all visitors. The ‘International Shopfitting Organisation’ (ISO) awarded CUBIC and their partners the ‘Best Design Award’ for the “visual emotions” booth presentation at EuroShop 2008.

CUBIC products presented at the show consisted of various Wall Display Systems; These were separated into three groups of Single Point (Mono Point) Display Fixtures (Flex D and Flex H), Horizontal Slot Inbuilt Fixture Systems (Trax H3 and Trax H6) and two variations of Vertical Display Fixture Systems (Trax V and Trax V Dual). A Signage System named Optix, mid-floor Racking Display System, Rax, a first of a kind High Tension mounted floor-to-ceiling Pole System, a Ceiling Suspended Fixture System, Vertix and a Modular Table Top Display System (Boutiqx) among other fixture systems developed from the ground up, all of which are still part of the CUBIC product line up today and proof that some great designs can pass the test of time!  

By Late 2008, CUBIC’s modular fixture systems had already been sold to clients from Germany to Belgium to China, Australia and beyond. CUBIC fixtures were being produced in the purpose built manufacturing facility dedicated to customization and quality. CUBIC had established four showrooms in Germany and China and a sales office in Korea. CUBIC began to establish a network of resellers of its store fixture systems in United Kingdom, Switzerland, Spain, Austria, Czech republic and Sweden. 

2009 saw the beginning of expansion plans of CUBIC into the North American market. CUBIC Visual Systems-USA LLC was established In April 2010 by Chuck Schaefer and Scott Parizek in Minneapolis.

CUBIC USA came at the time when CUBIC was already well established in Europe and Asia and the modular fixture systems had already been well received in many parts of the world. The launch of CUBIC USA was much like the initial days of CUBIC. The management at CUBIC USA planned the launch of the brand and the signature retail fixture systems to the market with a small operation and big plans! By mid-2011 CUBIC USA had out grown its incubation space and moved to a new location with showroom, office, fabrication and warehousing space to service the North American market.  

CUBIC now employs over 200 employees world wide. We’re proud to be working with many of the worlds renowned architects and have been involved with many award winning projects. Our retail fixtures can be seen across the world in a variety of spaces from retail stores to showrooms, trade fairs to pop-up stores. 

Today we're proud to say: CUBIC is the first choice for Modular Store Fixtures.

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